PLAY FOR REAL, an anthropological look at coffeehouses 


I always asked myself why we go to cafés? What is it about this place that we keep coming back?

As a Viennese waiter told me: "The coffee is the last reason we go to the coffeehouse!" 


With a special focus on the archetypical Viennese Coffeehouse, Play for real  looks at the different layers of this semi-public space: as anthropological space (Marc Augé), as Heterotopia (Michel Foucault) and as interaction space for guests and waiters (Erving Goffman). Their rituals, its setting and design (Thonet) and its relevance to painters - when coffeehouses emerged during industrialisation - are discussed.


In the following you will find the cover, table of contents and introduction of the thesis. 


selfpublished by Nina Gross, 2023