an anthropological look at coffeehouses 


selfpublished book, 2023


I always asked myself why we go to cafés? Why do we keep coming back?


Because the waiters know: "The coffee is the last reason we go to the coffeehouse!" 


With a special focus on the archetypical Viennese Coffeehouse, Play for real  looks at the different layers of this semi-public space: as anthropological space (Marc Augé), as Heterotopia (Michel Foucault) and as interaction space for guests and waiters (Erving Goffman). Their rituals, its setting, design and relevance to painters are discussed.


In the following you will find the cover, table of contents and introduction of the thesis. 


Intern in Berlin


Fanzine, 2019


Following an internship in an art gallery in Berlin, I screenshoted the conversations with the gallerist and juxtaposed them to photos of the front windows. 


Power games and dependence mingle with voluntary imprisonment, boredom and espionage. The fanzine explores the relationship between gallerist and intern and the fine line between bullying and teasing, victimisation and harassment.